Congressional Cup had a Great Commencement of Intriguing Sailing Season

The 55th edition of the Congressional Cup went smoothly for the Yacht Club of Long Beach.

The condition during the championship was good for sailors, the weather was high 60s and some wispy clouds were visible in the sky that not turned to train, but made the weather pleasant. And, after that, there was a strong competition between American Taylor Canfield and Johnie Berntsson coming from Sweden. The competition continued till 5th of April Friday. The cup now has to set the event for a convincing weekend at the time when the finals and semifinals will take place. It is a perfect and fitting start for what is gearing up to be a great sailing season in 2019 summer.

This year there will be more sailing events with a higher level of competition as the 2020 Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo is now at much distance from here. At event Congressional Cup, Ian Williams, the world No. 1 has back to try to triumph the race all for the fourth time.

Dobbs Davis said “This is another event of world class. The organizer for the Transpacific Race and having the sailing event of international level in the Long Beach is surely a great thing.”

Transpac of Davis is basically an offshore event and it started in San Pedro and concluded 2,225 nautical miles away later in Hawaii, with numbers of pre-race events planned in Long Beach for Gladstone. In July, this will be the 50th Transpac. It started in the year 1906.

However, for the 2019 iteration, there is a difference.

Davis Said, “We are now having an astounding number of entries. Over the 100 entries, probably there is some nostalgia for the same.” It is the part of a trend because the sailing world now preparing for the upcoming Olympics.

Brisbane To Keppel Yacht All Set To Begin

The yacht race 11th Club Marine Brisbane to Keppel is sloped to be one of the closest in the event history following the withdrawal of Black Jack.

The race showed the participation of thirty two yachts on which 300 yachters were there. At 11am, the yachts were set out from Brisbane, however, one of the favorite Black Jack wasn’t able to register its presence, because of some technical difficulties that could not be remedied in time.

General Manager of Keppel Bay Marina, Kylie Smith said,” This race is going to be spectacular for the spectators, and also thrilling, if the Land Rover Sydney to Gold Coast race finish on time and Supermaxi Wild Oats XI got the chance to cross re-enact in the Brisbane to Keppel race.”

“Our expectations are to keep the competition fierce with the front runners, which included the 86 years old classic yacht designed by Sparkman & Stephens, the US competitor ‘Dorade’, Ms Smith said.

“The field of 32 yachts will travel the distance of 343 nautical miles, with the pack’s leaders anticipated to arrive in the bay of Keppel earliest by Sunday morning if winds permit.” Continue reading Brisbane To Keppel Yacht All Set To Begin

Sailing Need Exposure In India

The ASAF International Regatta successfully concluded on 19 of December at in Chennai. Chennai is always a good destination for sailing lovers around the world, thanks to weather and air condition in the area.

ASAF championship too, the wind created a challenging atmosphere for sailors and gives them great adventure. Sailors from Thailand, Oman, and Indonesia participated in the tournament. In the championship Indonesia sailor Ramadhan Tito won the main category.

Telangana had big participation in the event and many Indian reach to the podium to receive prizes. However, as far as talent is concerned, then sailor Ashwin Murali from Tamil Nadu won the heart of spectators and give amazing performances.

He said “The weather at Chennai port was challenging and this added adventure in sport and made players to show their extraordinary skills. It added quality in a game of every player. Throughout the event was great and we enjoyed it a lot. We have learnt various things from this event.” Continue reading Sailing Need Exposure In India

Yacht show in Orange Beach

This weekend in Orange Beach, you can check out the newest yachts – not just one or two or a few, but hundreds of them. The Wharf Boat & Yacht Show, the largest boat show on the Gulf coast, is opening on Friday morning.

This is a full-fledged fest that is fun for the whole family along with live music and many other things. Children can relish free art learning sessions from well known artist Larry Rackley. Friday is Locals Day where people who stay in the region get a US$ 3 discount providing they have a local ID. Continue reading Yacht show in Orange Beach

Taking Children on a Yacht

Sailing is a great hobby, and taking your children on a yacht to experience what it’s like out at sea can be an experience they’ll never forget. It may even instill in them a lifelong love of the sea and everything to do with sailing. However, when introducing your children to yachting and sailing, here are some things to remember.

  1. 1. Safety first

As the main yacht charter UK website says, it goes without saying that you should always put the safety of your children first. Even if you think they’ll be fine and they will be sensible on the yacht, you can never be too careful. Ensure that they all have life jackets which fit properly and make them aware that they need to be wearing their life jackets at all times while on board the yacht.

kids on a yacht

  1. 2. Talk to them beforehand

Lots of young children will think that going on a yacht is just a lot of fun, which it certainly can be! However, you do need to make them aware of the dos and don’ts when on a yacht. Tell them that they cannot mess around on the yacht, they cannot touch things without asking first and they need to make sure they stay safe at all times. Let them know that they have nothing to be worried about but that the water is very deep and you don’t want any accidents to happen.

  1. 3. Make sure the yacht is equipped properly

If you’re going to take very young children and toddlers onto the yacht – whether it’s your own or one of the