3 Gold for Hempel Youth Sailing World Championship

The endmost day of the championship of Hempel Youth Sailing World in the year 2019 in Poland’s Gdynia saw 3 medals of gold being decided prior to the final races of Friday.

There is going to be a double celebration in 420 fleets after Blake McGlashan and Seb Menzies from New Zealand and Yumi Yoshiyasu and Madeline Hawkins from the United States had sealed the deal in Boy’s and Girl’s division with only 1 race left. The gold medal of Mixed Nacra 15 had also been decided as Rebecca Hancock and Will Cooley had a 9 points lead.

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Congressional Cup had a Great Commencement of Intriguing Sailing Season

The 55th edition of the Congressional Cup went smoothly for the Yacht Club of Long Beach.

The condition during the championship was good for sailors, the weather was high 60s and some wispy clouds were visible in the sky that not turned to train, but made the weather pleasant. And, after that, there was a strong competition between American Taylor Canfield and Johnie Berntsson coming from Sweden. The competition continued till 5th of April Friday. The cup now has to set the event for a convincing weekend at the time when the finals and semifinals will take place. It is a perfect and fitting start for what is gearing up to be a great sailing season in 2019 summer.

This year there will be more sailing events with a higher level of competition as the 2020 Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo is now at much distance from here. At event Congressional Cup, Ian Williams, the world No. 1 has back to try to triumph the race all for the fourth time.

Dobbs Davis said “This is another event of world class. The organizer for the Transpacific Race and having the sailing event of international level in the Long Beach is surely a great thing.”

Transpac of Davis is basically an offshore event and it started in San Pedro and concluded 2,225 nautical miles away later in Hawaii, with numbers of pre-race events planned in Long Beach for Gladstone. In July, this will be the 50th Transpac. It started in the year 1906.

However, for the 2019 iteration, there is a difference.

Davis Said, “We are now having an astounding number of entries. Over the 100 entries, probably there is some nostalgia for the same.” It is the part of a trend because the sailing world now preparing for the upcoming Olympics.

The Beginner Beats The Experts At The Final Of Star Sailors League

This is for the second time that the Brazilian crew has claimed the win in the final of Star Sailors League (SSL), however, on this instance; this wasn’t the choice of bookies.

Henry Boeing and Robert Scheidt, the legends of Olympic were the right choice for going into the event and subjugated the final four days of Nassau Qualifier rounds, but PedroTrouche and Jorge Zarif Jorge were the ones who triumph every stage today. Both the sailors are at the age of 26 and 27. Zarif is the Star World Champion and also the winner of Finn Gold Cup 2013, and the Trouche is the first sailing crew who is younger than 40 and have got the victory in the annual event. Theevent’s aim is to decide the sailing world top ‘star’.Zarif after the race said, “It is surprising for us that we had the type of dominance, and this is due to the high level of this event. Today, we sailed the best by putting ourall the efforts. Yes, we gave our 100%, pumping and hiking every time and I believe what made the difference. For us, it is an opportunity that we are here and also a great result that we managed to beat those experienced sailors.”

The sky today was overcast and the course was moved back and inside the Montague Bay of Nassau.The easterly wind was blowing straight into the Bay and the guests at that time were reaching up to 20 knots. The day started with eight quarter-finalists battling with each other. Trouche and Zarif got the victory with the last three Arthur Lopes/ Paul Cayard, Samuel Goncalves/ Lars Grael and Edoardo Natucci/Freddy Lööf for eliminated.

Park City Sailing Women Series & Q & A With Barkow

The Park City Sailing Association is known to have sailed on Jordanelle for more than 10 years. The club has seen massive growth during that period. Casey Marsh, the association representative said they are totally focused to increase women’s participation. He said that their firm is at the Jordanelle for a long period, but it’s mostly dominated by men. Hence, they want to ensure that there are some women on the water too. Therefore, they are trying to organize a program which is suitable for any level. There would be some small lessons along with the involvement of some social aspects. The first lesson would be out from 6 to 8 pm which would be on the boats. Thereafter, they would be back at the picnic spot at the new building for some social hour.

Marsh also said that they would have Sally Barkow come out on this Wednesday. Barkow is a female Olympic sailor and also a part of the Volvo Ocean Race team. She is good and leads the charge as far as women empowerment is concerned. There cannot be any other sailor who would be perfect to involve other women. The Volvo Ocean Race is a yacht race across the world; Sally Barkow would take part in the Q&A in water lessons. Barkow has raced with the Olympics nearly for ten years and then moved on to the Volvo Ocean racing. It is indeed a large event.
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The last four have emerged on the third day of the ongoing 2018 Nespresso Youth International Match Racing Cup, as per reports. James Wilson of RNZYS Youth Training Programme (YTP) led the pack that includes Leonard Takahashi from RNZYS Performance Programme Pacific Racing Team and another RNZYS YTP squadron leader Jordan Stevenson. Finn Tapper of Cruising Yacht Club of Australia made the final cut set to slug it out in the semis tomorrow.

The first two days of racing were very wet and windy. However the third day of Round Robin saw clear skies with wind of 10-15 knots. At the final Round robin, Jordan Stevenson made the biggest leap as he won his remaining three races to enter the top eight. Clare Costanzo and James Farquharson also made the cut as they also won their races.

It was quite disappointing for Trent Turigliatto from the Long Beach Yacht Club, John Lynch from the Darwin Sailing Club, and Tom Picot from Cercle Nautique Caledonien as they were one win short of reaching the finals. The three teams won six races but their overall ranking was not enough.

After the final Round Robin racing, eight finalists emerged. Wilson who led the Round Robin squared against Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club’s Farquharson. RNZYS YTP’s Stevenson clashed with Nick Egnot-Johnson of RNZYS PP. Takahashi faced Frankie Dair from Kerikei Cruising Club while Tapper met Costanzo.

Wilson lost two rounds but ended up winning 3-2. Tapper was consistent to see off his rival 3-1. Takahashi was brilliant all through, seeing off Dair 3-0. Egnot-Johnson could not maintain his comeback rout as he crashed 3-2 to Stevenson.

The semis promise set for tomorrow promises more excitement with Wilson and Takahashi tapped to make the finale following some brilliant sailing.

Mylius 76FD, E Vai Launched

It has been announced by the Italian yard Mylius Yachts that in its flagship sailing yachts Mylius 76 series has been launched on 11th of and it has been named as E Vai.

The yacht has been constructed from the superstructure and fiber hull of carbon-fiber and it has been designed by Alberto Simeone. If said, this 25.25 meter sloop is the yacht of a true blue water, and then it will not be wrong. It has achieved the highest CE Category A rating according to the Croatian Bareboat charter website. The yacht has a lightweight construction and she displaces just 30 tones.

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Taking Children on a Yacht

Sailing is a great hobby, and taking your children on a yacht to experience what it’s like out at sea can be an experience they’ll never forget. It may even instill in them a lifelong love of the sea and everything to do with sailing. However, when introducing your children to yachting and sailing, here are some things to remember.

  1. 1. Safety first

As the main yacht charter UK website says, it goes without saying that you should always put the safety of your children first. Even if you think they’ll be fine and they will be sensible on the yacht, you can never be too careful. Ensure that they all have life jackets which fit properly and make them aware that they need to be wearing their life jackets at all times while on board the yacht.

kids on a yacht

  1. 2. Talk to them beforehand

Lots of young children will think that going on a yacht is just a lot of fun, which it certainly can be! However, you do need to make them aware of the dos and don’ts when on a yacht. Tell them that they cannot mess around on the yacht, they cannot touch things without asking first and they need to make sure they stay safe at all times. Let them know that they have nothing to be worried about but that the water is very deep and you don’t want any accidents to happen.

  1. 3. Make sure the yacht is equipped properly

If you’re going to take very young children and toddlers onto the yacht – whether it’s your own or one of the