Sir Robert Knox Johnston Gets The Third Place In A Transatlantic Solo Race

Sir Robin Knox Johnston finished third in Route du Rhume transatlantic race on 22nd November. Sir Johnston’s current age is 75 and he is the oldest competitor in the race that spanned over three thousand miles.

Sir Johnston became the first to sail around the world solo without stopping 45 years ago. He currently has five grandsons. The race started from France and ended at Caribbean. Sir Johnston said that he felt euphoric after getting the third place in the race. Sir Johnston sailed in the race in his Grey Power Open 60 Yacht. Sir Johnston is the founder of Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. He finished the race on Saturday after being at sea for more than twenty days. He last participated in this race in the year 1982 where he finished 14th.

Sir Johnston said after the race that he didn’t expect that he would get the third place when the race started. He said that the boats of the other competitors were much lighter than his and for that reason those boats could be managed easily but Sir Johnston’s boat couldn’t be managed as easily which was a significant disadvantage according to him. He said that it is tough to compete against some of the best sailors and thus getting the third place in the race was very much gratifying for him. He also said that he enjoyed the entire race.

Sir Johnston was very respectful towards the first place and second place holders of the race. He also congratulated them. He also expressed his gratitude towards his supporters. He said that because of the support he received, he was able to put in more effort than what he’d have put in if he had no support. He said that he was given a marvelous reception at Guadalupe and he intends to stay there for a few days and take rest.