Sailing Need Exposure In India

The ASAF International Regatta successfully concluded on 19 of December at in Chennai. Chennai is always a good destination for sailing lovers around the world, thanks to weather and air condition in the area.

ASAF championship too, the wind created a challenging atmosphere for sailors and gives them great adventure. Sailors from Thailand, Oman, and Indonesia participated in the tournament. In the championship Indonesia sailor Ramadhan Tito won the main category.

Telangana had big participation in the event and many Indian reach to the podium to receive prizes. However, as far as talent is concerned, then sailor Ashwin Murali from Tamil Nadu won the heart of spectators and give amazing performances.

He said “The weather at Chennai port was challenging and this added adventure in sport and made players to show their extraordinary skills. It added quality in a game of every player. Throughout the event was great and we enjoyed it a lot. We have learnt various things from this event.”

He further added that “The exposure to this alternate sport is increasing as the schools are also promoting this sport. There are sports teacher hired in school to train students. As far as my school is concerned, then they are also very supportive and allow me to put in any of sailing championships.”

Sailor in India has to fight a lot because of people’s approach towards sports. People lack knowledge about this alternate sport and do not have awareness too. Participating in international events is tough too, because we have to make arrangement on our own. Till date we are managing things on our own when it comes to participating in the international event.

However, with the events like this person come to know about sailing sport and we are hopeful that one day it will change the scene of sailing in India as well.