Congressional Cup had a Great Commencement of Intriguing Sailing Season

The 55th edition of the Congressional Cup went smoothly for the Yacht Club of Long Beach.

The condition during the championship was good for sailors, the weather was high 60s and some wispy clouds were visible in the sky that not turned to train, but made the weather pleasant. And, after that, there was a strong competition between American Taylor Canfield and Johnie Berntsson coming from Sweden. The competition continued till 5th of April Friday. The cup now has to set the event for a convincing weekend at the time when the finals and semifinals will take place. It is a perfect and fitting start for what is gearing up to be a great sailing season in 2019 summer.

This year there will be more sailing events with a higher level of competition as the 2020 Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo is now at much distance from here. At event Congressional Cup, Ian Williams, the world No. 1 has back to try to triumph the race all for the fourth time.

Dobbs Davis said “This is another event of world class. The organizer for the Transpacific Race and having the sailing event of international level in the Long Beach is surely a great thing.”

Transpac of Davis is basically an offshore event and it started in San Pedro and concluded 2,225 nautical miles away later in Hawaii, with numbers of pre-race events planned in Long Beach for Gladstone. In July, this will be the 50th Transpac. It started in the year 1906.

However, for the 2019 iteration, there is a difference.

Davis Said, “We are now having an astounding number of entries. Over the 100 entries, probably there is some nostalgia for the same.” It is the part of a trend because the sailing world now preparing for the upcoming Olympics.