Yacht club aims to give people amusement

St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club in the Panama City, in the United States of America, is famous for the varied water activities it has for adult as well as the youth. However as a part of their recent initiative, they are aiming to provide complete leisure to people so that they may relax on a spring afternoon and enjoy the beautiful boats pass by.

The coach of Yacht Club mentions that this initiative is to bring on more people downtown. He even states that the boats are amusing and people would certainly gain interest in watching them. In this regard the club has also planned to host the Class A catamaran championships to entertain people.
The club would be charging sailors about $295 per boat and they are expecting about 50 to 70 boats that will be operated by a sailor each. Though this event is yet to be confirmed by the United States A class catamaran association, coach Van den Bergh and organizer Christine Reiss are confident of hosting the event in Panama City.

The Panama City has extended their support in this regard and has committed to contribute an amount of $30,000 dollars to the Yacht Club in bed tax funds. Reiss told plainsailing that this money will be used for the promotion of the event as well as Panama City as a sailing destination.

The coach hopes the waters to be calm and the weather to be comfortable during the competition that is scheduled to be held in May. This club had been previously appreciated when they hosted the catamaran event involving two people. The coach is hoping this event to be a success to and said that people enjoy the place and are excited about the event.