Cape Town Race To Conclude Soon

There were different division races in Maserati Cape Town sailing week that was recently concluded. Hollard Jacana was able to gain victory in IRC 2 Division. The yacht that was their vessel was able to make the most of the wind conditions.

The crew made well calculated move as per the wind direction. On the second day of the races there was a south easterly wind blowing with a speed of 15 to 20 knots. This suited the crew members as they needed to have a good wind for the cruiser racer vessel. Indeed, the boat was able to make good speed in such conditions. The crew from Corfu also analyzed how the wind was and anticipated what might be coming forth. As a result, they recalibrated and adjusted their sails and speed. Such a strategy paid off.

Goldswain and Jones stated that the event was not only competitive but was a social event as well. As most competitors knew each other, it was sporting and friendly as well. The race village where Maserati Cape Town race week is held is at the V&A Waterfront.

Royal Cape Yacht Club has been the prime organizer of the event. This race is a yearly event that has premier yachts taking place in this regatta event held in South Africa.

Sailors from all over the world take part in this competition that lasts for five days. This year there was a total of thirty two yachts that were part of the event. There would be a prologue event on New Year’s Day for the Cape2Rio race that would take place. As per Simon Borchert, who was the race director, there is a unique aspect of this event. It helps to focus on development sailing. As the race also leads to encouragement for the Cape to Rio race it helps the regattas to continue.