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  1. Leggo My Ego Leggo My Ego

    One of the WORST reviews I’ve seen from YBW. What little information was
    given was incorrect (the yachts aren’t built in the US), and the video
    doesn’t even show the yacht. Who gives a shit about the mirror and stove?

  2. Handiest1 Handiest1

    For that money, you’d think it would come with an exhaust hood over that
    induction stove. Look at all the steam! Can you say warping delamination?

  3. RedFLHX RedFLHX

    The guy is impressed by a cook top and mirror in the day head.. LMAO That
    is a great review.. or NOT

  4. Pedro Diaz Duran Pedro Diaz Duran

    Worst review ever. This guy should seriously consider his way of doing his
    job. Fleming is a renowned brand along with Marlow, Grand Banks and so and
    all this guy has to mention about the boat is the mirror in the head and
    the induction system. Just lame.

  5. jonathane1976 jonathane1976

    still have no idea what this vessel actually looks like?

  6. hitmann2300 hitmann2300

    The boat is NOT built in California, they are built in Taiwan. Fleming’s
    main offices are in California.

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