2013 Championship of Champions

Brian Keane has reportedly come up as the winner of 2013 Championship of Champions on October 27, 2013. It was a dramatic finish to the prestigious race organized by the prestigious Columbia Sailing Club and as many as 16 races were needed to choose the winner of Jack Brown Trophy.

Brian Keane & crew members Steve Hunt & Victor De Leon bagged in a 3 point lead place over B. Alison & Laura and will Jeffers. Skip Dieball and crew members Tom Starck & Abby Freeman were 7 points back that got them in the 3rd position.

The Race 15 on the last day started out amidst winds at five to eight knots. The club Race Committee reduced the racing course foe upward finish. This 15th race had Lee Sackett as the winner who was followed by Tampa’s Greiner Hobbs in the second position, Alison in the 3rd & Keane in the 4th place. Dieball came to the 13th position. However, in the last race, Keane came up with a 4-point lead over Betsy Alison & Dieball was eleven points behind.

Prior to the 16th race, there was this 1800 wind shift blowing from the eastern side at about five knots. The Easterly Breeze was never usual in Lake Murray & the very wind direction resulted in shifty weather-legs. Skip Dieball was able to maintain lead in 1st leeward mark & was followed by Brian Keane & Gillum. The teams adjusted themselves to a light oscillation to northeast with the winds at five to eight knots. Dieball came up as the winner for the 16th Race, followed by Brian and Starck.

Keane won over the Columbian regatta by ten points over Skip & Alison. Skip won on tie-breaker and came to the 2nd place. Albeit Keane could not win on any of the races in the recent week yet he finished in top 3 on 7 occasions all through the 16 races.