7 thoughts on “Yachting World test the RM 1260”

  1. You would have to export the boat from the EC immediately on delivery but you can then come back in as a visitor without being liable for vat

  2. Thanks for the info; I wasn’t aware of that. But, I’m still required to pay a VAT when I purchase European products over the internet. I wonder why it would be different for boats… :

  3. If you are not resident inEurope you do not have to pay VAT unless you plan to keep your boat in Europe for more than a year, and possibly longer if you take the boat out of the EC once in a while.

  4. Someone put a lot of thought into that design… The only thing I hate is the evil VAT; as an American, I refuse to pay that silly euro-tax, so for now, I guess it’s buy American! 🙂

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