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  1. Christian Gotsch Christian Gotsch

    maybe I’m the only one but I would love to see the AC boats like this with more competitors and huge crews

  2. Adam Smith Adam Smith

    This makes me want to get into sailing

  3. fabra74 fabra74

    poka dwa ;)

  4. jack887 jack887

    Perfect song for this spectacular footage! Makes me wish I wasn’t terrified of water deeper than 6 inches…

  5. MacArch92 MacArch92

    Why there is only 41.334 views?

  6. Brad Nace Brad Nace

    This video will be hard to match. Great choreography, videography, sound… dark but great. Wonderful job!

  7. MegaPavlovich MegaPavlovich

    одному зависнику не понравилось 🙂

  8. Belinda Del Pesco Belinda Del Pesco

    Needs more tags…. Spent too long searching for it to show some friends. Add search terms.

  9. thedirtybird17 thedirtybird17

    The guy at 1:24 staring down the boat eating his shit wind.

  10. MemememK MemememK

    I NEED this in HD!!!!


    Play LOUDLY! There some places only the ‘fortunate ones’ get to travel, this is one of those.

  12. Rodrigo Mendonça Rodrigo Mendonça

    And this is what I will show to my friends when they ask me what do I do…

  13. Merry Cheers Merry Cheers

    Awesome! The music is great, too!

  14. Leslie Robby de Winter Leslie Robby de Winter

    Wow … !

  15. William Spradley William Spradley

    This is absolutely one of the best yacht racing videos ever. I love the back ground music.

  16. jonathanb903 jonathanb903

    Wow how good is this!!

  17. mich kow mich kow


  18. jules faraldo jules faraldo

    good job !

  19. G19G19G G19G19G


  20. pelustoja pelustoja


  21. FedusioDesigns FedusioDesigns

    Amazing !

  22. Cian Mollen Cian Mollen

    my dream

  23. horacio nuñez horacio nuñez

    Me mata, como se llama la canción?

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