Dehler 38 Wins The Best Performance Cruiser Award

Dehler 38 has succeeded in winning the award for the best performance cruiser for the year 2012/13. It was a long awaited decision made by Yachting World which is one of the 11 judges for this award. The European Yacht of the Year Awards was held at Dusseldorf on the 18th of January 2014 and after the event there was boat show as well. The decision came as a surprise for all because there were other deserving nominations too for this award. However as per the features and overall quality this yacht certainly deserved to be the winner. The makers were ecstatic on getting the news that Delher 38 has become the winner. They put in a lot of hard work to make it one of the best yachts and they have succeeded in doing so.

Vrolijk/Judel is the designer of this magnificent boat and over the years they have contributed so much in the designing of so many popular yachts. The Dehler 38 is one sleek which is not quite common among the yacht designs but it has enough power in it. The performance of this yacht is amazing and for the teams who plan to go for the IRC and ORC racing circuits it would be perfect for them. The general deck layout and the ability to sustain pressure have made this boat the best from the rest. For the helmsman this boat will be an easy ride because of the simple specifications laid by the makers. For damage control and for any kind of danger the control lines have been made easier than before and have been placed closer to the reach of the helmsman. The rig and keel options for this yacht have also been made more competitive and versatile for a better performance in the circuits.