7 thoughts on “Land Yachting New Brighton 2009”

  1. Hi – thanks for that. As soon as the tide is right and there is wind ill be down at the beach. I believe Greenpark huts is ok between Jan and march.

  2. Hi Brendan, I don’t know of any organised groups, or anyone selling a class 5, but maybe I’ll see you at the beach sometime. Another spot is Greenpark Huts, but it depends on the level of Lake Ellesmere.

  3. Hi – I used to land yacht many years ago. Have just brought a old school class 5 yacht and done it up. I see there is no club anymore. Do you know of any social group that goes out from time to time? and is there any areas apart from the beach?. I tried the blokart club but they wont allow me to use it at wigram. They want me to have a go on a blokart – no thanks – not interested in those baby toys. Would love to have a go on a newer class 5. Do you know anyone who maybe selling one? 0275555444

  4. The wind comes off the sea, so you are sailing across the wind and can go in both directions easily.

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