11 thoughts on “Yachting Monthly’s Crash Test Boat – Through Hull Failure”

  1. What a useless video. One minute we have water flooding in and then all of a sudden the hole has been plugged. What happened in-between?

  2. Pity I could not understand much of which the gentleman in the red shirt was saying.

  3. Maybe we should ban the making of through hull hole in the first place. To charge those yacht or boat makers at criminal courts so they won’t make those sick holes. They are ticking bombs!
    If we need drain a boat, just use suction pump

  4. with the floater and the hole in the hull, you could poke a tube through the carrot or potato (so the top is above the waterline) and then get the line trough that !

  5. Glad I watched this. I too was very surprised at the effectiveness of the carrot and potato. Thanks, this video info may well save our lives one day!

  6. I had very much the same feeling…and I do have wooden bungs.

    I also have a standpipe and only two outlets below the WL. In a steel sailboat, fewest holes possible is best practice.

    I really find this series of videos interesting.

  7. None of my seacocks are hidden, after seeing this I am quite happy to live with the slightly more agricultural look.

    I admit to not having bungs near each seacock and will after seeing this be purchasing one of those spongy orangey things, I had looked in the past and dismissed it as a buy-me-buy-me chandlery item, but as you showed, they work.

    But I agree too, the veg which we always have in the galley was something I may never have thought of, this video may save a life, well done all invld

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