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  1. me2237247 me2237247

    do you know that this cost a bit more than $5 million US dollars?!

  2. IAgbaba IAgbaba

    I love the way that fly bridge is not classic looking fly bridge but it is incorporated in the design of almost sport looking yacht.

  3. Eric Dicaire Eric Dicaire

    around $9 millions U.S. If i have the winning lottery ticket tommorow, i invite you on mine in Miami with a bunch of sluts onboard LOL.

  4. Stian Norway Stian Norway

    I know I can not afford it, but how much does a new Lazzara LSX 92 cost?

  5. riseagainstkid213 riseagainstkid213

    that boat is so nice. and they really picked a flat day to go out

  6. joegt3 joegt3

    This is the boat that I want to cruise in. Nice!

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