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  1. SpencerWho22 SpencerWho22

    omw i love you guys!!!

  2. DeadboyandGravegirl DeadboyandGravegirl

    brb, gonna yahoo-google facebook

  3. ryanhayn ryanhayn

    I would like to be friends with these kind folk.

  4. Odile Keromnes Odile Keromnes

    Of course if you are a hipster you know it, it’s not like “You know what? I think you’re a hipster” “What? I’d have never guessed LOL”

  5. Jon Wareham Jon Wareham

    hilarious… but I’m all out of butter

  6. DYLAN123123123123 DYLAN123123123123

    @solidsnakeBYTE88 you are officially NOT a hipster…

  7. joeeric100 joeeric100

    nah, it just makes you less of one.

  8. philby philby

    You guys are funny…love Dystopia.

  9. anaaardvark anaaardvark

    @solidsnakeBYTE88 by confirming hipster status, you lose it :(

  10. BlankUberAlles BlankUberAlles

    Wow, this is a level of lameness I never even knew existed

  11. DraneXproductions DraneXproductions

    i love you guys

  12. karemart karemart

    LOL yahoo google

  13. intheekeyofcrime intheekeyofcrime

    nice band.

  14. SstayPositivee SstayPositivee

    I loooooooooooove YACHT n___n

  15. MlleMelz MlleMelz

    actually detailed would be “détaillé” in french. “Raisonné” means thought with reason.. reasoned? Does it make sence in english? Anyway it’s still fancy and very arty so just keep it this way!^^
    Like your music thanks for the new website! 🙂

  16. zeke225 zeke225

    I must admit the website is very nice and the music isn’t bad either.

  17. bee1294 bee1294

    the exact same thing just happened to me.

  18. JustinJoelCook JustinJoelCook

    San Fransisco

  19. cucumberlatte cucumberlatte

    I have no clue who yacht is and I don’t remember subbing :/ I’m just gonna unsub

  20. Jonathan Quintal Jonathan Quintal

    I liked Yacht when it was a boat

  21. M Stewart M Stewart


  22. Ay Vii Ay Vii

    where can i get her awesome glasses?!

  23. thehomeless79 thehomeless79

    …….what has our generation come to? being homos fucking each other in the ass and say we are straight?

  24. TheZacTV TheZacTV

    i like the first way better….typing in the address bar is LAME…

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