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  1. vamosama vamosama

    FANTASTIC´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. navcar vanrr navcar vanrr

    back then´╗┐

  3. IronMaidenLeigh IronMaidenLeigh

    This was the 1st episode I ever´╗┐ saw, & it’s still as funny as it was back them.

  4. Alisa Arbab Alisa Arbab

    Patricia Routledge is 83´╗┐ now. Bless her, the comedy legend.

  5. libbyrock123 libbyrock123

    OMG you are SOOO right!´╗┐ I love this show and Hyacinth!!!

  6. ShutUpYouMong ShutUpYouMong

    There is nothing that hits the British funny bone harder than snobby middle-aged women falling into rivers. You could make an entire programme of nothing but that. I know I’d watch´╗┐ it.

  7. Asia94nt Asia94nt

    Emmet looks a´╗┐ bit like my uncle ; d

  8. Asia94nt Asia94nt

    Richard: Don’t forget´╗┐ to write *waves*

  9. Bradley Friend Bradley Friend

    Emmit looks mighty good in suit..´╗┐

  10. scarlett25251 scarlett25251

    One of my favorite episodes. I have the whole´╗┐ dvd collection favorites

  11. daha246 daha246

    Best episode!!! Love Hyacinth!´╗┐

  12. SkeatBoardGirlz SkeatBoardGirlz

    Richard I ORDER YOU don’t tell me tell the boat !´╗┐ haha

  13. bronnykicksarse bronnykicksarse

    no wonder things didn’t work out with his´╗┐ ex-wife.

    god. this is one of the best episodes of KUA, hyacinth is just totally preposterous in this one.


    i order´╗┐ you! haha

  15. antoine finch antoine finch

    love this and´╗┐ are you being served

  16. LordScreech LordScreech

    i saw it,´╗┐ too.

  17. Keith Yearwood Keith Yearwood

    I can watch this episode over and over again……I am weak with laughter….thank you for uploading´╗┐ this… of the funniest episodes….oh dear, this is beyond funny….LOL

  18. MySerpentine MySerpentine

    Just wonderful, so much´╗┐ fun “I won’t have you muttering mutinously”–the actors are great, i’ve become an “anglophile”–and tonight I’ve realized that at 53 I’m becoming as bossy as Hyacinth and this insight will help me to tone it down! Thanks for posting.

  19. dallasewings dallasewings

    This was one of the funniest episodes I have ever seen. Thanks for´╗┐ posting it.

  20. Keith Barfoot Keith Barfoot

    Does anyone´╗┐ else think that Emit (the character) is secretly gay?

  21. hotcape2darkness hotcape2darkness

    im 20 and i love this show so much got all the episodes on dvd! This´╗┐ is a very memerable episode for me and one of my favourites! RICHAAAARD RAISE YOOOUR SELF lol ! Patricia routledge is a legend!

  22. hnoss13 hnoss13

    When Hyacinth goes overboard, I thought I was going to die. This has to be one of the top three funniest´╗┐ episodes of the entire show.

  23. shirusubemonaku shirusubemonaku

    is it just me? or does Emmett look really hot there´╗┐ in suit!

  24. leemeires leemeires

    class… ´╗┐

  25. TanyaTurner06 TanyaTurner06

    “Well try´╗┐ a bit harder” lmao

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