18 thoughts on “What to Wear When Yachting: Part3”

  1. Some yacht she found herself in. We have a 48 ft. Rampage offshore fishing boat and would never call it a yacht…..just too pretentious.

  2. Actually, when you think about it, Hyacinth HERSELF has said far ruder things to and about other people!

  3. Oh come on! They only said, “Hello sailor!”, it could have been seen as kind of cute! And face it, people have said far far more rude things to and about Hyacinth!

  4. LOL, my word people there are people of other colors… yellow, black, brown, green w/yellow poka dots? LOL… get over it. watch the show.. too funny to argue.. love it.

  5. I used to have a dress similar to Elizabeths from Laura Ashleys….

    1.43 Hyacinth comes out of the office Im waiting for her to give Elizabeth I’s speech at Tilbury in her booming voice…”I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, bit I have the heart and stomach of -”( a right old cow!) No really, I love Hyacinth- Patricia Routledge is just brilliant!I usually dont post comments – Im too busy watching!!

  6. That’s an interesting cut at 1:18, when she puts her hand on his shoulder. Seems different for KUA. I dunno, I look at these things.

  7. “I’ve had close-ups of that woman’s epiglottis you wouldn’t believe.”

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