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  1. Alexander Gallagher Alexander Gallagher

    I love this song but this video…
    I think I might have a seizure.

  2. MarynWasHere MarynWasHere

    @pathduck @Jennxpenn is a filmmaker haha she used the part of the song from 0:52 in her video “p i c t u r e s.” haha :]

  3. Pathduck Pathduck

    What song? I have no idea who that is :D

  4. MarynWasHere MarynWasHere

    0:52 thats where @Jennxpenn got the song from HAHAHA<3

  5. Emily Bowen Emily Bowen

    yachts so freaking awesome, thanks for posting, wish more of their material is on youtube 🙂

  6. Nancy Y. Lopez Nancy Y. Lopez

    =] sweet video, i had never seen this before.

  7. Pathduck Pathduck

    It says so in the info top right mate 🙂

  8. jayaldexter jayaldexter

    does anyone know which YaCHT album this is off of, if any?

  9. pandesalband pandesalband

    Damn, E*Rock rules! Brain hurts.

  10. carrotxchin carrotxchin

    i <3 YACHT.

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