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  1. No, actually the “bow” is a little higher that the stern.And when she’s moving foward the bow will come up considerably.

  2. Actually they are building the new Trawler 65! Classic design with full modern interior, Privateer is making progress! Love the designs, keep on going Privateer

  3. Eur 1.75 MIO ex TAX ! > Nice mooring gear but the hole for the lines not protected. Bye bye paint / No table in generous cockpit / No manual override in engine room acces (RIP) / You can cross the atlantic but you have to stand up doing it / If you want to eat something make sure weather is great / navigation equipment blocking half the window. / 60 ft yacht only accomodating 5 people / Are there actually people spending this money for this ?

  4. I agree and could go on and on. For instance (and just staying on your topic) just imagine just what the “kick/riser” of those stairs will look like in short order since they have left naked fiberglass to absorb the toe of every run up the stairs! The hull shape is great I just wish these guys would bring in a design firm such as the Japanese use with their cars. Ultimately it really does come down to the details!

  5. Thanks for your comment! I’ve worked in Holland building boats for the last 10 years and I’m still amazed at how small simple things can be over-looked! Even in such a rich nautical history filled country such as Holland!

    They do build great boats here though allowing for the one or two misplaced instruments!!!!

  6. Good call there. I noticed that one too but after seeing all the other design… flaws I just kinda ignored this one! Don’t designers ever talk to people!?

  7. True but I do agree with your statement regrading the design 🙂 and due to the fact that the price is in Euros doesn’t make it any better.

  8. Well with all due respect all “content” aspects to consider when dealing in a worldwide media though you even point out one immediate deficiency of hand rails in one area!

  9. Fair video though he talks a lot and actually shows little, but what a simply astounding lack of design and value for a 1.5 million dollar vessel!

  10. Hmmm … wonder what happens to that engine-room access if the electrics blow?
    I thought the throttle controls looked too small. The skipper needs to manipulate the joystick from a position he can see the sides of the boat. Was the interior panelling supplied by MFI? We never saw what close-quarters manouevering is like . And what happens when that lowerable electric table chops your dinner guests off at the knees?

  11. We have delivered a few Privateers. They are extremely nice boats, high quality finish and solidly built. Have a look at our channel to see some videos of our deliveries…

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