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  1. Jadah J. Jadah J.

    Really nice, I wonder what’s the price

  2. MrEminemrules92 MrEminemrules92

    Does it only have a single engine?

  3. bikinghockeyskier bikinghockeyskier

    Please review more nordhavns!

  4. Bullerias Bullerias

    Nordhavn have perfected the “basketball shoe” look

  5. Hicxzy Hicxzy

    That’s a damn ship lol, not a yacht!

  6. JamesHMac1911 JamesHMac1911

    The magazine published it back in August 2012 not necessarily the video.
    And what’s the difference? I personally would rather see a video than to
    read a several page article in a magazine I don’t get.

  7. Arby B. Arby B.

    Really like this Nordhavn 63…But why oh why are you repeating this video
    as it says Published Oct 10 2012,when in fact it was Published a few months
    back ???

  8. Scott Johnson Scott Johnson

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