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  1. Naik Pahek Naik Pahek


  2. RumShopRyan RumShopRyan

    That mast and ship made the other´╗┐ large single mast ship look tiny!

  3. honeymoon2 honeymoon2

    Great video! We were in the BVI in May and I’ve posted´╗┐ some video on my youtube site

  4. captelliot captelliot

    It’s Howie. This´╗┐ was about 4 yrs ago when working on M3.

  5. caymankw caymankw

    dude? is that you Howie? thaz crazy, when were yall in BVI?´╗┐ that u were in thialand

  6. YachtChartersCroatia YachtChartersCroatia

    Nice Video!´╗┐ 300ft Impressive!

  7. tom080955 tom080955

    Did´╗┐ he say 300frrt below?!

  8. UprisingMuse UprisingMuse

    Can you guys go to sandy cay and´╗┐ get a view??

  9. Lxan96dr Lxan96dr

    holy shit thats like the tallest´╗┐ sloop in the world! No joke! Just dont slip its a long way down! lol

  10. dale3858 dale3858

    WOW,´╗┐ freakin unreal…

  11. yachts74 yachts74

    You guys make my yacht appear small. 130ft´╗┐ Westport.

  12. monserenergy700r monserenergy700r



  13. SWIFT95330 SWIFT95330

    295′ mast…is´╗┐ that measured from the deck, or where?? How high were you above the waterline?

  14. HDL2112 HDL2112

    nice view´╗┐ bra.

  15. Hans Langer Hans Langer

    whats up bro, im heading to bvi in 1´╗┐ months, any advices? its cool to party?

  16. MicRuLerZ MicRuLerZ

    what if´╗┐ you try diving from that height? LOL

  17. cxon cxon

    What about being there in windfore 6 or 7?´╗┐

  18. nroth314 nroth314


  19. Paul Mitchell Paul Mitchell

    holy´╗┐ shit

  20. blackpanther7 blackpanther7


  21. SnipeFreak SnipeFreak

    Great images. Wish I was there!´╗┐ If you have an opening for a job in Mirabella V, sign me up!

  22. scottietracey scottietracey

    Nice one man. I have seen you guys in antibes from our 100 foot skiff and thought´╗┐ about the view from aloft…. looks 100 time better than i imagined

  23. Southerncowboyz Southerncowboyz

    That´╗┐ dude has guts.

  24. gavva gavva

    that´╗┐ guy must be MINTED

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