Join the Annapolis Yacht Club Regatta

The Annapolis yacht club has a one design regatta to be launched this year as part of the J/8 class series. This category of a sport boat is known to flash several features. For instance, it is driven by a fleet that is strong in their sailing skills.

The boat would be changing its schedule and the AYC One Design Regatta is being added which would be held in the forthcoming weekend at the Chesapeake Bay. This regatta is on at full swing as it had previously conflicted with Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge but that is not happening anymore.

This regatta had been on the minds of several members of the Annapolis Yacht Club. They have always wanted a similar event to be organized every summer, and with a prize donated by Dubrovnik Yacht Charter, this year would be extra special. This time it has worked out and the event has been successfully added to the annual list of events for the club. White being a champion skipper, who has competed in several classes, is a favorite in this class.

He is a resident of Severna Park, has several wins under his achievement, many at Screwpile it. He is owner of Whitehall Yacht Yard, has been into racing with a J/80 for about six years now. He has been skippering a similar boat with a fleet of 22. There would be several other programs that would be part of the AYC summer regatta that are White Lightnin’, VAYU, Eleven, Outlaws and others.

White states that the boats would be going through water at similar speeds and hence, the competition will tend to be close to the competitors. The scratch sheet makes it difficult to determine which boat would win the regatta. There is definitely much excitement in the air among the members as they prepare for the races in the coming weekend.