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  1. MrGrifflyman MrGrifflyman

    What’s the name of the song? I heard it in a Hall of Fame video!

  2. Will Horsman Will Horsman

    What are you talking about? I saw one of these on craiglist for like $1200 faygo lolololololol

  3. sark021 sark021

    Piss those oversized hobie cats off from the Americas Cup…the cup should be fought with these gorgeous giants…now that would worth watching!

  4. jimmy Roodny jimmy Roodny

    Your watching some of the richest people in the world play. This is one of the things they do with all the money they STOLE FROM YOU!

  5. Marijn Kramer Marijn Kramer

    i think, no one. all of these boats are owned by sailing teams. no miljardair would ever buy a siling ship. those buy motor yachts

  6. cartwright420able cartwright420able

    I see yachts of white people

  7. PDZ1122 PDZ1122

    Yes, very pretty boats. I imagine it’s also the one class of boat purely aimed at Russian billionaire oligarchs and those who have won miltary contracts in the past. Who actually owns something like this?

  8. Thomas Steffien Thomas Steffien

    my opinion: j-klass:the worlds most beautiful yachts ever

  9. Ulf Kindler Ulf Kindler

    This is SV SnowVhite – you’ve done a great job… bless ya

  10. Andrey Brandao Andrey Brandao


  11. SupreE87 SupreE87

    what’s the song called?

  12. Christopher Jackson Christopher Jackson


  13. Narciso Vento Narciso Vento

    See more in: – TKS

  14. baddogonline baddogonline

    J Class are, too me, are the prettiest designed boats on the water. 🙂

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