Final 4 advance at the Busan Cup

Spithill, Le Berre and Groeneveld celebrated Halloween by making it to the semis of Busan Cup Women’s International Match Race, along with World #1 Ulrikkeholm Klinkby beating Women’s International Match Racing Series topper Shea of Epic Racing 3 – 1 for the last semi-final position.

Danish skipper told that Maggie pushed us a lot in the pre-starts, but they found the right shifts and had good boat handling. Now they are going for a win, in Busan and in the Women’s International Match Racing Series. They had really close races as well as most of them could have gone either way. They did the best they could, but now it is not in their hands anymore.

WIM Series

Puffy and shifty winds have dominated the event, the 4th and final event of the WIM Series 2015, during the week. The quarterfinals of Saturday were really not an exception to that, along with an even lighter as well as more unreliable breeze than the earlier days. The spooky Halloween terms put both the race committee as well as the sailors to the test, as the quarterfinals held out from early morning till late afternoon.

World No. 4 captain Anne-Claire Le Berre told the Greek Yacht Charter website that it was stressful quarterfinal racing as they did not have much wind, and it was tricky with a lot of shifts and puffs. Anything can happen in that kind of wind. The team from France beat Singaporean Denise Lim 3 – 0 in the quarter finals, finishing in light wind at the end of the day.