11 thoughts on “Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 from Motor Boat & Yachting”

  1. Oh and by the way, you are arguing with Jack Haines here. The GOD of Motor Yachting. He owns a Beneteau ST34 anyway!!!!! You people talk out of your bottoms-and need too get a larger yacht if 7.5m is the best you can do. It’s probably a RIB, and for those that said “it doesnt even have trusters” firstly-they are THRUSTERS (basic English) and secondly-IT JOLLY WELL DOES!!!!!!

  2. Let’s just make a point here……who make the best motor yachts? Sunseeker? Princess? England do. And who makes the best motor yachting magazine, Hugo Andrae, Jack Haines and Dave Marsh. Americans have ripped off the English language to produce some hideous dialect that embarrasses the United Kingdom when you speak. YOU should be ashamed. And saloon is a lounging area in motor yachting terms. Trust me. We own a princess 64 flybridge, and we have had 3 other boats beforehand. Don’t bother argui

  3. A French boat reviewed by an Englishman…. it must be you that is the ‘jackass’?

  4. Not a noob, been running boats for the last 15 years, but here in the states a ‘saloon’ is a bar. Jackass.

  5. you are so helpless if you can´t park a boat whit just one engine. our boat 7,5 meters very light large wind surface and one slighty underpowered outboard engine. and i park it every time

  6. beautiful tub. can’t get the dreams of making the US loop on one of these out of my head…nothing left to it but to do it ehh?

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